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Make It Big Conference – Save Your Free Spot Now

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BigCommerce is hosting its first Make It Big Conference next month. It is a unique occasion to garner insights from 25+ eCommerce experts and business influencers including:

  • Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL
  • Pauline Brown, former North American Chairman of LVMH and current Harvard Business School professor
  • Web Smith, Founding Team Member, Mizzen + Main, Founder of 2PM
  • Ezra Firestone, Founder, Smart Marketer
  • Rick Cesari, the marketing mastermind behind GoPro, Sonicare and the George Foreman Grill

This 5-day conference is free and online—meaning you don’t need to travel anywhere but to the closest WiFi connection! Here are a few reasons why it can be a good idea to attend:

  • Focus – Learn how to get geeky about your data to uncover what is working and what isn’t. The goal is to double down on successes, test new channels and cultivate a growth marketing mindset across your entire team.
  • Build – From community to immersive UX experiences, find out how the best brands out there are conveying value on their sites to drive traffic away from Amazon and to their owned properties.
  • Inspire – The bleeding-edge of retail innovation is at your fingertips. Whether you launch AI chatbots or optimize for voice commerce, inspire your employees and your customers to use tech for good—and fun, too.

Reserve your free spot now, and learn from the greats on how to Make It Big!

You can also consult the full list of speakers and complete conference schedule.

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