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7 eCommerce Templates to Build Highly Converting Online Stores

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If you have finally decided that it is time to earn more money, you are at the right place. If you are an entrepreneur, you definitely need the best possible online store to broaden your product market. If you are a web designer or developer, don’t leave this page in a hurry. This is not just another eCommerce website templates showcase. Only premier templates are gathered here. Their superb quality will make your customers happy and your wallet thick. They will save you much time and efforts.

The eCommerce templates featured here were built for the PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento eComerce platforms. So, you can choose the one that best fits the eCommerce solution you have chosen.

The development shop behind is a company with a rather excellent track record when it comes to building templates. They boast as much as 15 years of experience on web design and development and trust the quality of their products so much that they have no problem offering a money back guarantee with any purchase. Their inventory is really immense (tens of thousands of items), so if you are looking for a wider choice of eCommerce templates, follow this link now and view all of them.

Their products are developed with the average entrepreneur in mind, so no coding skills are required. All the complex work is already done and pre-baked, while an all-inclusive documentation is packed, which means that your template will work flawlessly right out-of-the-box. Actually, all you need to do is fill the template with your content and get ready to process the orders.

However, the company always leaves enough space for expert developers. If you are one of them, don’t worry, you’ll have access to all the files you need for any in-depth customization.

By the way, if you don’t feel confident enough with your startup, visit this resource. It discusses everything you need to know to start a successful website.

But let’s come back to the 7 premier eCommerce templates that are waiting for you below. Each of them is accompanied by a quick features review and a short video.

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Multipurpose Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Eveprest is a fully featured premium PrestaShop template that comes with 10 themes. Its key features are:

  • TM Mega Layout Builder – the template was built with its help, which means that you can shape the homepage of your online store to your discretion. Choose from a number of layout blocks (Header, Footer, Top Column and Home) and combine them the way you want. Each Eveprest theme comes with 4 readymade, conversion-optimized homepages for a quick start.
  • Premium Modules. Eveprest comes with a collection of premium modules that allow you not only to expand the functionality of your store but save over $700. Product slider and videos, newsletter pop-up, Ajax search and many more add-ons can be found in the theme package.
  • Color Schemes. Choose from a number of color schemes and add a unique look to the design of your store with one click only.
  • TM Product Manager. Administer your products with 16 helpful options of the module and save your time using it. TM Product Manager can be very helpful for managing stores with many products, which have to be constantly revised.
  • Lookbook. Display several products on one image; provide essential information about each of them using intuitive markers and dynamic pop-up windows.
  • Add to Collection. Use this function to compose and organize collections of your products, share them across social network, and attract clients in a brand new way.
  • Advanced Product Filter. Provide your customers with unmatched flexibility in choosing what they really want to purchase with a powerful system of real-time filters.
  • Multiple Header and Footer pre-made blocks. Assign different headers and footers to different pages or create your own presets.
  • Mosaic Products Grid. Give a cutting-edge touch to your store with product mosaics. You can display literally any element, from products and banners to videos and slides.
  • Megamenu will improve your store navigation. Instead of overloading your menu with multiple submenus, you can display all your product categories on a single panel. In addition to links, you can also add promo banners, videos, product badges, and custom HTML blocks on it.
  • Social Login. This feature lets customers log into your store via their Facebook and Google+ accounts. A must have.

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Multipurpose OpenCart Template + RTL

Build any OpenCart site with StoreFlex. The template is provided with Multiple Skins and Layout Builder. Here are some of the awesome template’s features:

  • Lookbook Product Presentation. Create hotspots on images. When clicked store visitor will get detailed information about the product. Spotted items on photos are highlighted with polygonal lines.
  • Smart Product Filtering will help customers find exactly what they need in no time.
  • Clients Categories. Classify your customers according to the number of purchases they’ve made. The more purchases the bigger discount a client may have. Group A stands for 1 purchase, group B – 2+, group C – 4+ sales.
  • Restricted Website Sections. Restrict access to the content for unregistered users. You can choose among product categories, blog posts, or any page of your choice.
  • Advanced Search. This functionality is similar to the product filtering, helping users find the needed product in a matter of a few seconds. The search is powered by Ajax.
  • The template is also equipped with Product Catalog and Gift Certificates. It is Multi-Currency as well.
  • Newsletter Pop-Up will gently urge your customers to subscribe to the StoreFlex mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other discount information.
  • Blog will help you build a loyal community around your store. Catching promo banners will advertise your special offers.
  • Offer a single product for sale for a limited time with Deal of the Day functionality. Discounted products have a small timer on the thumbnail.
  • The template is 100% responsive, offers Color Schemes customization tool, Multilanguage + RTL Ready, Infinite Scroll, Social Blocks, product Zoom Module, Single Category Product, and Quick View function.

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Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme
This theme is really designed to convert. The developers combined slick visuals with their UX knowledge to bring you the most advanced store designs and layouts. Conversions are facilitated by offering an aesthetic and intuitive shopping experience.

  • It includes 5 Premium Topic Layouts. Each topic comes with multiple homepage layouts for added design versatility.
  • Pre-Designed Page Elements give thousands of customization variants with amazing lineup of header, footer and homepage layouts. These elements push the design potential of your store to a whole new frontier. Developers also added product page layouts and category page variations to give you even more control over your store’s appearance.
  • Magetique stays true to the Magento 2 spirit with a great variety of editing tools that accompany the theme. With its Intuitive Interface, the theme is geared towards store managers and people who don’t usually spend their time going over the code.
  • Installation and Management are extremely intuitive. With Magetique you have all of the necessary documentation and installation procedures laid out for you.
  • As to theme Customization, you can change anything about the look and feel of your store with the help of visual editing features to more options, specific to the general store look and functionality.
  • Magetique offers an unprecedented Marketing Toolbox that will work together with the theme’s design in order to give you an advantage over your competitors.
  • Powerful Megamenu tool serves for creating a better look and professional navigation easily without technical knowledge. Organize your categories, subcategories easily with different content showing-off.
  • Magentique is compatible with the latest Magento 2 versions. Its code has been optimized and verified by the most trusted code integrity analyzers.
  • Save up to $1718 on premium Magento extensions, which are included in the theme’s pack for free.

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Fashion Store Magento 2 Theme

Vini Theme
Do you need a versatile design for your online fashion shop? Choose Vini – fashion shop Magento 2 theme.

  • The theme is provided with Megamenu for creating a swift comprehensible navigation that will guide the visitor of your website through all of its pages.
  • Ajax compare and Ajax filter features will be rather helpful during the process of searching for and selecting the needed item.
  • The theme is also shipped with unique product and unique catalog pages where you will be able to present each item in the most advantageous way possible.
  • Don’t like the default color scheme of the theme? Use Configurable swatches to adjust the colors according to your personal taste and corporate style.
  • Responsive design of the theme will make it possible for your customers to shop on the go from any mobile device they have at hand at the moment, which will increase the conversion rate of your online store.
  • The theme has a Sticky header, which keeps main navigation before the customers’ eyes all the time, so they don’t need to scroll all the way upwards to skip to the next page.
  • Place you promo content into slider to draw public attention to it.
  • The theme is Crossbrowser compatible, so you can be sure that your web store will be rendered correctly no matter what browser it is being viewed with.
  • If you are one of those guys who like to make amendments in the source files, all PSD source files are included into template’s package for the purpose.

Details | Demo

Bicycle Store PrestaShop Theme

Bikerita Theme
Bikerita is a multipurpose bicycle PrestaShop theme with lightweight mobile-first design. It has been developed with usability in mind, that’s why it comes with lots of practical features that contribute to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

  • Using TM Mega Layout module you will be able to fully redesign the homepage of your store. This complex customization tool allows you to switch between several color schemes, headers, footers and homepage layouts.
  • The theme is equipped with slider showing athletic people with their bikes, which serves as a perfect attention-grabber.
  • TemplateMonster doesn’t charge you for TM Modules that are included in the template price, which means that you save $450 purchasing the theme.
  • Parallax effect adds depth and perspective to the template’s layout, gives an illusion of 3D environments on your 2D website. This significantly boosts user experience on site and helps them to immerse deeper into its layout.
  • Theme Color Switcher is available to change the color scheme of your website to keep it inline with your corporate identity.
  • Megamenu will help to make the navigation of your website well-organized. This way your customers will never get lost in the abundance of your products.
  • The template is Multilingual and multi-currence, which gives you the possibility to sell your products internationally.
  • Ajax search lets the users get results while they type. It speeds up the process of search especially if the shopper knows what they are looking for.
  • Newsletter subscription pop-up will help you collect more email addresses of your customers and make your marketing campaign more efficient.
  • Sample Data Installer importing the sample data file will be appreciated by people who want to see how the theme works as well as speed up the development of their own or their client’s website by simply replacing the content and images with their own.
  • Social Login allows the customers log into the website with their Facebook or Google+ profile data. This saves them some precious minutes.
  • Blog is built into the template’s layout, so it will be easier for you to gather a community around your store.
  • Product quick view is a wonderful feature in terms of giving detailed information about the item a customer is interested in. Images, specifications, rating, reviews, etc. are extremely helpful when you are going to make a purchase.
  • What’s more, PSD files are included into template’s package, the theme is crossbrowser compatible, well-documented, and has valid semantic coding.

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Fashionable Clothing Boutique Magento 2 Theme

F2 Theme
F2 is a trendy stylish designer boutique Magento theme that was developed in compliance with the latest web design standards. Its major cool features are as follows:

  • First of all, the theme is Responsive, which automatically makes your website accessible and welcoming for mobile device users.
  • Megamenu plugin will help you organize your navigation by categories and subcategories, insert links and images, making it user-friendlier.
  • Good product presentation is utterly important for store conversion, Unique catalog and unique product pages will make your presentation really comprehensive.
  • Use Category badges to draw visitors’ attention to the essential information, like ‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘special offer’, and so on.
  • Use image slider and carousel product listing power to the fullest to highlight the crème de la crème of the items you offer.
  • Sticky header will always keep main navigation menu before the customers’ eyes on top of the page allowing users to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • Make good use of Configurable swatches to create your unique brand identity.
  • To top off everything said above, the theme is Crossbrowser compatible, delivered to you with Sliced PSD and a comprehensive documentation.

Details | Demo

Mega PrestaShop Theme for Tools Store

Molotok PrestaShop Theme
If you are keeping pace with the latest user experience trends, use this responsive PrestaShop theme as the basis for your tools and instruments stores. It features a content-rich layout that allows you to accommodate more text and imagery on the front page than usual. Here is recap of the theme’s features:

  • Let’s start with great news. TM Newsletter, TM Manufacturers block, TM Home Carousel, and TM Mega Menu modules are included in the template price, so you save $175 when purchasing it.
  • The template is provided with Megamenu, which is a wonderful tool to put your website navigation in order and vary it with links, images, and whatnot.
  • Are you going to sell your tools to the customers from different countries? The theme is ready for the challenge, it is Multilingual and Multi-currency.
  • Ajax Search enables Ajax powered live search for your search forms. The tool aims to stay out of your way but at the same time allows you to customize everything about it. It’s set up to work with any PrestaShop theme and uses a template loader to display results. The template based approach allows you to seamlessly customize your Live Search implementation without messing with dozens of cluttered options.
  • Nice Product Badges will help you draw visitors’s attention to the information you would like to emphasize.
  • The theme is Crossbrowser compatible, which provides perfect visibility of your content in any browser preferred by the user.
  • PSD files are included in the template package, which gives you the possibility to dig deeper while customizing your website.
  • Even if you know nothing about web development, you will be able to set your web store up and running thanks to the attached step-by-step Documentation.
  • Finishing the description of this template, I would like to add that it has valid semantic coding that explains itself and is easy to work with.

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