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Wix Review (2024): eCommerce Solutions Review

What is Wix?

Wix is a comprehensive solution to the e-commerce needs of businesses, encompassing site design, hosting, transactions and more all for a low monthly price. With more than a decade in the industry, it has established itself as an influential platform and one that has thousands of happy customers on its books. When it comes to simplifying the creation of an engaging website, there are few alternatives that can match it.

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Getting Started

At the core of Wix’s appeal is the template-based approach to site design that makes the entire process of launching an online presence very fast and affordable. The tools that Wix offers make for an almost effortless experience because most elements can be altered with ease for a fully customized look and feel, with drag-and-drop controls empowering even those who happen to have minimal technical knowledge.

Selecting one of the many different templates that are available on this platform and then making it your own with unique design choices and branding is just the first step that most Wix users will take. You can then tinker with search engine optimization to ensure that your site takes its rightful place on the search results pages, earning even more visitors to further boost its profile.

Hosting Options

Paying for a separate hosting package is a thing of the past if you select Wix as an e-commerce platform. This is because each of its packages comes with this included in the price, which means that costs can be kept to a minimum.

Be aware that the price of your package will determine how much bandwidth and storage are available as part of your hosting bundle, with the most basic option coming with a single gigabyte of usage to consume each month. Unlimited bandwidth and 20GB of storage can be secured as part of its package aimed at shop owners, while all customers can use a custom domain for their Wix site.


Security is not just something that e-commerce sites need to ensure that they are in compliance with industry regulations; it is also about building trust with their customers so that they feel confident enough to make regular purchases. With this in mind, Wix offers integration with popular and well-known payment solutions including Google’s own Checkout service in addition to industry mainstay PayPal.

Your customers’ payment data will not pass through your site at any time. Instead, it will be stored by trusted third parties, and the innate security of these services will be yours to harness. The presence of brands that consumers will recognize should help develop a strong relationship from the very beginning.


All Wix subscriptions come with access to its Premium Support service, which means that users can get in touch with the technical team whenever they need advice, guidance or direct action to be taken. The company emphasizes the idea that this support infrastructure is not just for dealing with major emergencies; staff will also be on hand to answer whatever questions a Wix user might have of any nature.

Of course, the quickest way to find out the answer to a question is often via the Wix FAQs or through the support forums that are available on its main site. Replies from staff and other users alike should be useful and quickly delivered.

Site Design Capabilities

The template-based approach is perfect for individuals, small businesses and those that want to make site building as quick and uncomplicated as possible. However, the deeper elements of design are not completely eliminated by Wix, and this platform is suitable for those of all skill levels to use. In addition, it offers comprehensive analytical tools that will provide feedback on how a site is performing once it is live, allowing further adjustments to be made over time to let it get even better.

Wix users can enhance their design experience by investing in the range of apps that are available to augment the basic capabilities of its site building tools. This includes everything from apps that help add comment sections to product pages to apps that allow for high-quality media playback.

Product Options

Creating product pages, grouping items into specific categories, and providing descriptions for everything in an SEO-friendly way can be quickly accomplished with Wix. The amount of storage included with a particular package will determine the amount of items you can add, so you should make sure to select the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

Mobile Support

Wix is a very mobile-friendly e-commerce solution, especially if you avoid its most basic package. This is because all of the other subscriptions include no mobile ads for its services, keeping pages compact, clean and responsive.


For those looking to set up an e-commerce site using Wix, there is a specific package that includes integrated support for an online store as standard along with a host of other features such as access to two of its apps to help with search ranking and form building respectively. This offers a decent amount of storage and unlimited bandwidth, and it is also possible to save even more on the monthly cost if you pay for a yearly plan in advance. The inclusion of a free domain with this bundle is another reason to select it.

For those who are still on the fence, there is the assurance of a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you try Wix and are not satisfied, you will not have lost out as a result. Wix does not take commission on any transactions handled by sites, ensuring that more money ends up in the pockets of users.

Social Media Support

Wix offers social media integration and the ability to assist businesses in fostering their own presence on popular platforms including Facebook. Its cloud-powered capabilities can form the foundation of a strong online presence for e-commerce sites and emerging businesses of all sizes with web-based ambitions.

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