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Volusion Review (2024): eCommerce Solutions Review

Volusion aims to offer one of the most complete e-commerce solutions for business with a number of e-commerce plans alongside market leading design templates and customer support.

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Volusion is easy to set up; just choose the plan that is right for you. All four of the plans offer incredible value, and there is bound to be a plan to fit everyone’s requirements and budget. Whether you’re just starting out and plan to grow your business slowly over time or your business is already established and looking to gain an online presence, something is sure to fit the bill. You can start with the plan that best suits your current business needs and then easily upgrade to a more advanced plan as your business evolves.


All of their plans plans offer incredible value for the services that are offered. Volusion realizes that everyone’s e-commerce needs and budgets are different. Both fledgling businesses with a handful of customers and successful business operations looking to grow sales online will find plans that are reasonably priced while managing to cover all of the bases.

Every one of Volusion’s plans is created with customers in mind, and all of them aim to provide maximum value. Unlike some other e-commerce solution providers, customers get a storefront on Facebook and a mobile-ready website. These are included as standard in all of their package plans. There are also no transaction fees or set-up fees. You just pay the price of your monthly package plan. There are no hidden extras!

All of the plans offer a website that is easy to set up, use and maintain, even for users who do not have a high degree of technical knowledge. A number of tools are included as standard that can help you to manage your business. For example, Volusion’s inventory tool allows the business owner to manage and monitor inventory levels. This cleverly designed tool will create an automatic email notification message to advise the business owner that an item is running low on stock. In keeping with the company’s goal of bringing customers outstanding service, they are constantly looking for ways to improve e-commerce solutions. This means that any new developments in e-commerce solutions are passed onto customers immediately.

The various plans offer a wide range of benefits, including a dedicated account manager; “deal of the day” promotions; API access; and CRM, Amazon, and eBay integration. Simply choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Designing your website

Creating your website couldn’t be easier. There are numerous design templates available, all of which can be customized with your own branding. Advanced users have the option of inserting their own HTML code.

The website is created using a design wizard. The design wizard walks you through the process of creating individual web pages with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. By following the instructions provided by the design wizard, you will ensure nothing is missed.

Alongside the design templates, the design wizard allows you to customize your website with your own text and add any additional content you might require. You can also add categories, articles, and products. The system allows you to create captions and titles for sections and images together with content sections.

The e-commerce solutions offer a wide range of features that will help you grow your business quickly and successfully. Your website will be mobile responsive. This is something that is standard across all of their plans, even the entry-level option. This function will provide your customers with the ability to place orders and browse your website on mobile devices. Furthermore, included in every package is access to social media tools together with your own Facebook storefront. Some of the more advanced plans offer integration into the eBay e-commerce environment and the capability of developing your own applications using API access.

Volusion’s offering also includes a range of SEO optimization tools. These tools are designed to ensure that all areas of your website are performing at the highest level of search engine optimization so that customers can easily find your products and websites through search engines.

Online security and safety

As specialists in the field, you can be assured that optimal online security and safety features are offered as standard in order to keep you and your customers safe. Included in every plan as standard is an IP security blocking feature. This allows you to block or ban a person from entering your site if you notice their behavior is suspicious or untoward. This service is only available from high quality e-commerce solution providers such as Volusion.

Each individual page on your website will be SSL data encrypted. This acts as a way to prevent hackers from entering your website and gaining access to sensitive information and data. The same method of secure data encryption is used for handling credit card payments. As an additional safety and security measure, no payment data is ever stored on your website. To ensure the safety and security of payment transactions, CSIP and PCI fraud detection and protection methods are used.

There are also a number of other safety features available such as multiple administrator log-ins, and their access can be restricted to specific areas of the website.

Hosting your website

The package plans are second to none, offering a range of four fully customizable plans to suit all customer needs. You can identify the features that you want and pay only for what you need. The monthly plans allow for unlimited bandwidth and data storage, while the maximum number of products starts at 100 up to unlimited depending on the plan (you don’t need to contact their Customer Service Team to upgrade, everything can be done smoothly via your account panel).

Customer Service and Support

A comprehensive range of FAQs can be found on their website, where you will find detailed answers to most general questions. However, if you still need some assistance, you can get in touch with their live chat to address your specific issues.

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