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How To Get Your First Order In Only 30 Days

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Whether you have barely started marketing your new business or have been trying like crazy to get sales without any luck, getting your first real customer is a key milestone for every eCommerce entrepreneur and probably the strongest motivator you can aim for.

With hundreds of ways to promote your business, it can be overwhelming to evaluate all of them to find which ones make most sense for your unique offering and positioning.

So here’s a challenge: For 30 days, spend some time going through this checklist of high-impact marketing strategies, published by Shopify. With hundreds of thousands of clients. They have the data to know what they are talking about. Try those that relate to your business and get comfortable with the idea of trying and failing on your way to the first order that is not by your friends or family.

The key takeaway is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to succeed. But exploring, testing, failing, and improving what works can do wonders!

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