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How To Use Promotional Videos To Complement Your SEO Efforts

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How To Use Promotional Videos To Complement Your SEO Efforts

Creating high-quality content is one of the best ways to attract traffic. One way you can do this is by using more video on your website and third-party platforms, as it will naturally rank higher when people search for information that matches what’s in your videos. Your audience will feel engaged with every new release because they know there are more than just words waiting at the end -there’s a story!

Businesses have not fully utilized this aspect of SEO, yet it has a rich potential to promote business brands and grow businesses. This aspect of SEO is called VSEO (which is fully known as video search engine optimization).

Even though some companies have started using video search engine optimization to promote their brands, most companies and businesses do not take it seriously. They prefer using other forms of content creation (like images, infographics, written content, amongst others). If videos do not seem like your thing, you can try using images to convey your message.

However, let us look at some things to do if you are considering VSEO.

Define your goals when making promotional videos for SEO

The idea of making promotional videos for your business might seem intriguing, but it is important to note that these videos must complement your overall SEO strategy. One vital approach to take note of is to define your business goals as early as possible. It is crucial not to be in the euphoria of making a captivating video and not clearly define your goals. Not only will you spend a considerable amount of money, but the money spent will be deemed a waste because it will not yield any meaningful result.

When making a promotional video, you must know what you want to get out of it. If not, it will be difficult for you to conceptualize or commission a product that will successfully captivate your target audience and meet your goals.

Focus on Building Links or Generate Social Shares.

If you make an excellent promotional video (you can use Promo.com, Viddyoze, Animaker or InVideo for this), you can generate a large number of links for your website and some reputable domains. These links can be in their thousands, depending on how good your video content is. There are many video content online, so you have to put in the work for yours to stand out. Essentially, your promotional video has to offer something to the viewer. It should be able to provide laughter, amazement, shock, annoyance, information or a combination of all of them. The main point is that your promotional video should entertain and also evoke a strong emotional reaction that will make your viewers want to share it with others. They can do this by writing a post about it on their blogs and website or by clicking the share button on the platform. Just bear in mind that your promotional video can provide some educational content whereby your viewer can learn one or two things.

Always keep SEO and Conversion in mind

In a world where everyone is trying to make money, it’s important that you keep up with the times. That means using new and innovative strategies like SEO in order to increase your revenue and sales. Creating promotional videos for SEO purposes has become one of the most effective ways of achieving this goal by providing more visitors who are likely about to convert into paying clients because they’re excited enough from what they’ve seen on video!


Promotional videos are one of the best ways to optimize your SEO strategy. Focus on quality and content when making a video for promotional purposes in order to achieve maximum success with potential customers.

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