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Shopify Now Offers on-demand Delivery

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Shopify Now Offers on-demand Delivery

The days of waiting for online orders to arrive are coming to an end — finally! With Postmates and UberRUSH, Shopify merchants can deliver products to their local customers on-demand.

If your business is located in a supported city, you can use courier services like Postmates and UberRUSH to offer on-demand delivery to your customers at checkout. Any time a local customer checks out from your Shopify store, they’ll be able to select on-demand delivery as their delivery method. When they do, simply pack the order and request a pick up. In minutes, a courier will show up at your door to take the order wherever it needs to go. No post office, no lines, no delays — and you and your customers can track the order from pickup to drop off.

Of course, this is just one among many shipping options. Read our complete Shopify review and learn more about Shopify’s on-demand deliveries. Now the ball is in Postmate and UberRUSH’s court to extend coverage!

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