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3dcart Review (2021): eCommerce Solutions Review

A Look at 3dcart

3dcart is an online store builder that has a number of great features, including unlimited disk space and email storage, a free domain for the lifetime of your account, SEO tools, a massive number of payment methods to choose from, point of sale features, and 24/7 support. The platform comes with more than 100 mobile-friendly themes to choose from and is rapidly becoming a major player in the world of online shopping.

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There are currently 30,000+ online stores running 3dcart. The company has been around for more than two decades, and they promise 99.94% uptime. There are no transaction fees, so this is a great platform for people that sell a high volume of product.

Three Plans to Choose From

There are three different plans to choose from, making 3dcart suitable for stores, from the smallest out there to massive enterprise offerings. The developers have made it easy to move over existing store platforms, so if you have a lot invested in your branding and have already written content and uploaded products, you can save that work instead of reinventing the wheel. For those who do not have a lot of time to invest, the SEO tools, easy to use site builder and other features are a must-have.

A Managed Solution

One of the best things about 3dcart is that it is a fully managed solution that is reliable and scalable. You don’t have to worry about putting together a website, installing an ecommerce platform, patching it and running the website – everything is done for you, and 3dcart will take care of the hosting, updates, security, SSL and everything else. You can get FTP access to your files if you need it, but everything is handled for you, and they offer Level 1 PCI compliance, which is bank-grade security, along with 256 bit SSL. There is no need to worry about data breaches, because they take things very seriously on the security front.

You are empowered to take extra care yourself, though; if you are worried about your employees getting access to things that they shouldn’t, you can use their role-based access control, and you can also block certain IP addresses. It’s rare for an ecommerce suite to offer so much flexibility and power.

There are four price plans for 3dcart, with the cheapest being the ‘startup store’ plan, which comes in at $19 per month, and only $9 per month for the first 6 months. For this, you can list up to 100 products and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. A Facebook store and Mobile store are offered as well as a desktop version. The ‘basic store’ plan and above support unlimited products and plenty more features which can come in handy as you grow.

Take a Trial

There is a 15-day trial, which you can use to see whether the store is a good option for you, and it’s easy to swap between tiers, too, so you can start with the smaller plan, migrate your current shopping cart over, and then upgrade at a later date if it turns out to be necessary. There is no need to mess with complicated hosting or to worry about patching the script – everything is handled for you.

Importing Your Data

Perhaps the best feature of 3dcart is how easy it is to move over product data – and look and feel – from other platforms. You can export the product listings from most major ecommerce packages, and then transfer it to 3dcart with a few clicks of the mouse, saving you endless hours of typing and uploading pictures.

The end result is that you will get a good SEO enhanced, mobile-friendly website with easy social media links, all ready to go. If you do run in to any problems, it’s easy to get tech support; just raise a ticket, or pick up the phone to get quick answers. Alternatively, take a look at the detailed advice offered in the knowledge base – a lot of common problems are covered there, and that’s often all you need to get up and running.

Is it Worth the Expense?

For small business owners that aren’t used to selling online, the idea of paying a monthly fee could be a little intimidating, but the cost is only very slightly more than the average hosting package, and for that fee you get a lot of useful features. In addition, since there are no per-transaction fees, you will save a lot of money compared to many rival packages if you sell more than a handful of products per month. The 15-day trial should give you an idea of how well your site will perform.

The SEO and social media features are a boon for store owners and should increase your conversion rate. The only downsides of the store are that some templates are premium, and support can take a little while to get back to people using the ticket system. If you prefer the convenience of firing off an email, you might get frustrated.

Overall, though, this is a great niche store builder. It is affordable, easy to use, and lets you make great-looking stores quite quickly. If your store grows that big, upgrading to the next tier is probably going to be a worthwhile option unless you have an incredibly poor conversion rate, in which case you should spend less on marketing and more on improving your site.

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