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Aabaco Small Business (Yahoo Store) Review (2024): eCommerce Solutions Review

Summary of Aabaco Small Business (formerly Yahoo Store)

If you are looking to set up an online store, Aabaco Small Business is a popular choice to get your ecommerce site up and running. Simple to set up and easy to manage, it is not hard to see why this platform has grown in popularity. As the name suggests, this online shopping platform is run by global giant, Yahoo, so many users may feel comfortable having a well-known brand powering their new ecommerce site. Aabaco Small Business offers lots of customizable features and options to choose from, so you can tailor your site to suit your specific requirements. Easy to use shopping cart features, marketing tools and options, as well as tools to design and manage your site, put you in complete control of the look and feel of your ecommerce store. What’s more, there are in excess of 350 design templates to choose from, and those with a large store will be pleased to discover you can upload a whopping 50,000 products to the site.

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Latest features

Yahoo is continually seeking innovative ways to improve the user experience, so you can expect lots of new features on Aabaco Small Business. For starters, store design options have been optimized for web and mobile use, putting you in touch with wider audiences than before. Improved SEO capabilities mean your site will appear in search results after you open. For ease and convenience, you can also use multiple shipping carriers. Real time store updates make your site current and accurate, enhancing the shopping experience. All in all, the new, simplified store management adds further appeal to the already outstanding features and reliability you can expect from Yahoo.

Designed for the beginner

You do not need any prior design or programming experience to use Aabaco Small Business, and even the beginner can create a site that looks professional and unique. Easy to follow instructions help you to build your site in no time, where you can choose from a wealth of templates and use a variety of tools and customizable options to inject your personality and individuality into the site.

Generous product inventory

Aabaco Small Business allows you to add up to 50,000 products to your site so is an ideal platform for both small and big ecommerce stores. Adding inventory is easy, and if you haven’t uploaded products before, helpful guidelines show you how it’s all done. With complete customization capability, you have countless options for adding product details, including sizes, colors and SKU numbers. For added functionality, if you choose the higher priced plan, you can completely manage all order tracking activity.

Safe, secure and reliable

One of the biggest concerns of online traders is ensuring their ecommerce site is safe and secure, to protect confidential information and the integrity of the business. Using a renowned name such as Yahoo to host your ecommerce site ensures you are dealing with a brand that people recognize and trust. In fact, with Aabaco Small Business, your online shop will be protected with 99.9% consistent uptime, so you will not need to worry about poor performance issues. Aabaco Small Business also uses the latest software to keep on top of the ever-evolving threat of viruses, hackers and spammers invading your site. In the event of an emergency, Aabaco Small Business also has robust systems in place to prevent loss of data and ensure quick recovery. Should a server fail in one site, your store can continue running from other places. When you use a big-name brand such as Yahoo to host your ecommerce site, you can also expect reliability and consistency of performance during peak traffic times.

Flexible payment

From credit cards and PayPal to checks and money orders, Aabaco Small Business offers flexible payment options to make transactions easier for you and your customers. Automated shipping and easy to follow tax calculations improve and simplify the shopping experience. An added bonus of using Aabaco Small Business is that it provides in-house credit card processing, for extra convenience. This ecommerce platform also lets you manipulate a variety of tools to track sales success and encourage business growth.

Support when you need it

Whether you are new to online trading or a professional, having expert support and guidance to hand when you need it can be critical to keep your shop running. With Aabaco Small Business, you can expect toll-free 24-hour telephone support. The online center also provides a wealth of information, tutorials and tips to assist you. For those businesses bringing in more than $500,000 in annual sales, you may also qualify for one-on-one support from a dedicated account manager.

Value for money

Most online traders will want an ecommerce platform that performs well and offers the latest features, without paying excessively for this privilege. With Aabaco Small Business, you get a top quality site with tons of features, without the inflated price tag. For as little as $29 per month for the first year, you can enjoy the Aabaco Basic package, ideal for those businesses that want to get off the ground. Look out for offers, too, aimed at new customers, and you could strike an even better deal, paying as little as $14 per month in some cases.

Payment is pretty straightforward once you get going and simply includes your monthly fee and transaction fees based on how much you sell. For those who like to budget and know their outgoings each month, Aabaco Small Business includes a calculator on its site that lets you work out your estimated cost per month, putting you in control of your finances. To put costs in perspective, you’ll typically end up paying between 0.75% and 1.5% of your sales value on fees, compared to other companies that could cost up to 8% for the same infrastructure and quality of service. What’s more, with Aabaco Small Business, you can save even more money if you pay for the year, rather than monthly. As an example, for those on the Merchant Professional plan, you could save $40 each month by opting to pay annually.

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