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Web.com Review (2024): eCommerce Solutions Review

In the days before the internet people sold goods and services from carts or from booths in a bazaar. Eventually, these became shops in shopping malls or in roadside strip malls. As for customers, they were limited to locals and passing traffic. Today, your webpage is your shop and your customers are the human race anywhere in the world. The internet offers incredible opportunities as more and more people do their shopping online.

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Opening a virtual store can be a terrifying experience, but it does not have to be one. Web.com is there to help you build that virtual store and to reach out to those customers. The services they offer help customers to build their online business from the ground up every step of the way. What’s more, they are still there to offer assistance once it’s all up and running.

If you are a small business looking to make a big splash in the world of e-commerce, Web.com is your first stop. With more than thirty years of experience and over three million customers, Web.com is there to make your internet dreams a reality.

Building Your Virtual Store

So let’s build that virtual store and see the Web.com services in action. In this virtual world, your domain is basically your storefront and your host is the street address, both of which are provided through Web.com. Hosting services range from $5.95 per month for the basic package up to the premium of $9.95 per month – the differences between the packages being the amount of digital space provided, the number of accounts, and the email boxes provided. All packages include a free domain.

Once you have your storefront, it’s time to decorate and make your unique business image. This is where website design comes into play. Web.com allows you to express your creativity as a do-it-yourselfer with more than 500 fully customizable templates available from which to choose. Changing colors and fonts is an expected feature in customization. What really enhances the experience is Web.com’s royalty-free stock image library. The process of building your website is designed for beginners through the use of a wizard, but there are options for more experienced hands to take full control of the process. They can even help with the logo.

If you prefer, you can let the professional designers and copywriters at Web.com do all the work for you. One of the highlights of this service is monthly updates to your page. So, even when the website is done, Web.com is still on the job.

The templates on offer allow you to post pictures of your products, set and change prices easily, offer sale items, and even maintain your inventory. The ecommerce websites from Web.com also facilitate shipping. Just choose your favorite shipping company and the website will arrange pick-ups and delivery. All of these features are built right into the templates.

Now that Web.com has helped with your storefront, layout, décor, pricing and shipping, it’s time to get those cash registers out. They can set you up to accept all major credit cards and even save you money on the transaction fees. The ecommerce website can store customer information securely to help returning customers make fast and easy check-outs.

Getting the Word Out

You are all dressed up and ready to go, but is this new store of yours going to be in the boondocks or in the heart of downtown? The answer all depends on marketing. When it comes to products and services, sometimes the customers find them and sometimes they find the customers. Search engines help customers to find what they are looking for, and ads, especially through social media, make customers aware that you exist and that you are ready to do business.

Web.com gets your business onto all of the top search engines, social media sites, GPS devices, and major mobile sites, but these are not enough. When using search engines you might get literally millions of results, but people only look at the first few pages. That is why businesses fight for those top spots. Web.com helps you with your marketing strategy to get you into the coveted first page results. Another great service is their Pay Per Click advertising, which includes free consultations regarding your marketing strategies.

Your Store in Their Pocket

Another great little service from Web.com allows customers to access and make purchases using their cell phones. This mobile version of your store costs a bit extra, but quickly pays for itself as customers use the added service and convenience. This also helps you to reach customers who use their phones and tablets exclusively when accessing the internet, many of whom do not even own computers.

Let Web.com Be Your Guide

It’s natural to fear the unknown, but all that you really need is an experienced guide to show you the way. Web.com is your guide on this journey. With their help, it is possible to have your e-store up and running in a day. Yesterday there was nothing and today there is a business selling goods and services to customers who need what you have to offer.

From domains and hosting to web design, payment and shipping facilities, and marketing and advertising, Web.com offers everything you need to get your e-business running.

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