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1ShoppingCart Review (2024): eCommerce Solutions Review


In the current electronic-based environment, your product or service might well be the best one on the market, but without the capability of reaching your customers, you will never be able to make money from it. Even when people can see and feel your physical product, they might well prefer to go home and think about it and then buy it online. 1shoppingcart aims to help companies achieve their sales goals with an incredibly user-friendly e-commerce system that makes it easy to reach out to customers.

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Value of Service

The 1shoppingcart system is a very easy-to-use and effective e-commerce plan that also offers excellent value. As an essential tool, 1shoppingcart can be seen as an investment in the future rather than merely yet another business expense. It will develop along with the company, and its advanced facilities can be accessed as needed. An effective online presence can quite simply mean the difference between success and failure, and making sure the customer experience is the easiest and best possible is 1shopping cart’s aim.

After a small initial set-up fee, a selection of different monthly plans from a basic starter plan to the premium plan are available. Plans include hosting with a huge 1 to 5 GB of storage space and 5 to 25 GB of monthly bandwidth. Marketing and SEO tools come as standard, along with a real person at the end of the phone 24/7 for customer service and help with any technical issues.

The premium plan is more flexible, offering several benefits including the option to specifically maximize your mobile presence, which will allow your customers to access your site on the go. The mobile market is growing rapidly with the development and wider distribution of SMART technology, and 1shoppingcart will ensure your company offers these customers a positive experience. The ability to display up to 100,000 items in an online catalog should cover all your potential business growth, and with its easy access for making updates and changes, it provides a cost-effective option for all businesses.


E-safety has to be a serious consideration in today’s environment, and 1shoppingcart takes this matter very seriously. Files and information are collated on the most up-to-date security system, which is then physically housed in a secure location. Protection from any intrusion is managed with 24-hour full security.

The potential for data theft and hacking has a far higher profile today, and customers will understandably be concerned about the safety of their own data following an order and payment. Being able to display the recognized padlock logo will give them the confidence they need in your site to go through with their purchase. Strong data encryption via an SSL or Secure Socket Layer allows the highly recognizable “https” to be used on order pages. Sites will also be Visa and MasterCard friendly as they comply with their PCI and DSS standards. Many customers now prefer to pay with the added security offered by PayPal, and this capability also comes as standard in the packages.


Everything you require to get your site up and running is easily accessible and extremely user-friendly. Make a quick start with one of the professionally designed templates that can be edited and customized to your particular requirements. Your site can be made completely original to your business by changing the font size, layout, backdrops and design color.

The company understands that everyone has different levels of ability when it comes to website development, so those who are happy using HTML can put their own coding into the templates. If you decide to do this, a checklist makes sure that you cover each stage of the process in the correct order to prevent errors and wasted time trying to find the corrections.

Your online store can offer both real items and digital or downloadable products via your catalog. Depending on the plan that you have chosen, this could include as many as 10,000 items. The Premium plan also offers the facility to bulk upload data, saving time and reducing the opportunity for human error with the data entry.

Once the selling side of your site has been perfected, you will need to be able to collect payment. Once again, 1shoppingcart has made this process as simple as possible. Payment via PayPal and most other payment solutions gives your business a sense of integrity for customers.


Once your site has been developed, checked and working, you will want to get it seen. Effective marketing and SEO tools that are up-to-date with the latest ranking rules will help make your site rank higher in searches. In addition, you can add discounts, promotions and coupons, prioritize certain featured products, and add customer feedback and reviews. Recommendations for products via social media require an easy product link to your website, and this can prove an invaluable marketing tool that you can use to your advantage. Actively encouraging your customers to promote your business for you is a very cost-effective marketing plan, and the ability to reward these customers via a discount code or other incentive can be built into your site.

Customer Service

1shoppingcart recognizes that not everyone works on the development and administration of their business during normal working hours, so they provide 24/7 live support via the telephone. Their representatives have an in-depth technical knowledge of the systems and can communicate with you at your skill level.

In addition, email support is available, and response time is usually less than two hours. For those who prefer to be shown the processes of setting up their site, there are online training videos to look through that cover most subjects along with a section of frequently asked questions. The online community forum allows you to ask for specific help or support from other 1shoppingcart users, and you can be sure that no matter what issues you are having, someone will have already solved the problem, or perhaps you can help others with answers to their problems.

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